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22.03.17 | Corporate

Zschimmer & Schwarz at techtextil 2017

Tailor-made innovations for manufacturers of chemical fibers and nonwovens

Lahnstein / Frankfurt am Main, 22 March 2017 – The Fiber Auxiliaries Division of the Lahnstein-based specialty chemicals company Zschimmer & Schwarz introduces its latest innovations for manufacturers of chemical fibers and nonwovens at techtextil 2017 in Frankfurt am Main. The company is presenting its wide portfolio of spin finishes for the production of Technical Yarn, Textile Yarn and BCF Yarn. This year, the prime focus is on tailor-made finishes for spunlaids and staple fibers.

Whether in the field of hygiene, medical or cleaning products, or in the clothing, home interior or construction industry: although nonwovens are generally relegated to the background, they are omnipresent in our daily lives. Requirements vary in line with the numerous areas of application. Some applications require ‘hydrophobic’ nonwovens that are impervious to liquids. ‘Hydrophilic’ variants, i.e. those that are permeable to liquids, are needed for other applications. For manufacturers of nonwovens, the precise setting of these characteristics is extremely important – and Zschimmer & Schwarz offers just the appropriate products for this. “We look forward to present recently developed custom- made innovations that complete our well established and approved products at techtextil”, says Dr. Ulli Stier, Head of R&D in the Fiber Auxiliaries Division at Zschimmer & Schwarz.

Always providing the perfect solution

Zschimmer & Schwarz again lives up to its promise of offering a tailor-made solution for every application with its spin finishes for Technical Yarn. The spin finishes are developed such that the yarn is getting its basic properties already during the spinning process and they meet the extremely high requirements in terms of strength and quality. If comfort is paramount, Zschimmer & Schwarz similarly offers the perfect products. Thus, for Textile Yarn, the focus increasingly tends to finer and finer yarns, requiring high-performance spin finishes. The company provides special products for this application, guaranteeing a smooth and continuous production process; while also conserving the environment. Zschimmer & Schwarz also meets the growing demand for textured yarns, which, aside from the clothing industry, are also used in the automotive sector, for instance, with thermostable and low-emission coning oils. For BCF Yarns, being the base of textile floor coverings still representing an important share of floor coverings, Zschimmer & Schwarz has developed products that guarantee stable processes on all types of spinning machines and with the most current polymers (PP, PA and PET).

techtextil: an ideal opportunity to meet people

In addition to providing a way to present the diversity and efficiency of products at close quarters, a trade fair of course also offers an ideal opportunity to communicate directly with customers and partners. Zschimmer & Schwarz sees this as another priority area. “For us, techtextil is the perfect opportunity to share ideas directly with the industry, to discuss new developments, to review market trends and, on the basis of these insights, to spark new innovations. If thought and action are as customer-focused and pragmatic as is borne out by our company, dialogue between people is often the best foundation for a successful future”, asserts Andrea Proefrock, Director of the Fiber Auxiliaries Division at Zschimmer & Schwarz. With the promise of exciting interactions and replete with numerous innovations, techtextil is consequently one of the most important trade fair milestone events of the year for Zschimmer & Schwarz’s Fiber Auxiliaries Division.

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