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Our values

Our sector is constantly changing. New demands, technologies, developments and markets. New requirements for environmental protection, sustainability and resource conservation. These changes can most effectively be implemented by remaining true to oneself. In a dynamic environment, Zschimmer & Schwarz consistently focuses on traditional values: with experience, prudence and scientific curiosity, we are creating a future for chemical progress that always puts people first!


Zschimmer & Schwarz stands for unification in diversity. In a globalised world, a business needs to harness the full potential of each individual. We therefore regard different characters, cultures and backgrounds as an enrichment and an opportunity. Only through diversity do we get to know new perspectives, discover new creative approaches and exploit full innovative power. Recognition, esteem, integration, acceptance, equal opportunities and equal rights characterise daily life at Zschimmer & Schwarz.

Work-life balance

Companies often like to require flexibility from their employees. However, companies should not only require this; they should instead lead by example! As a modern employer, Zschimmer & Schwarz wants to provide all its employees with work situations in which work and private life are compatible. We are glad to come a step in your direction because we know that you want to make a difference together with us!

Occupational health management

Our employees have made our company what it is today through their dedication and their energy. And they are also the basis of our future.

With our workplace health management, we emphasise how important the long-term physical and mental well-being of people is to us. We want to offer our employees a working environment that prevents dangers, promotes good health and helps in times of need.

Preventive and reintegration measures as well as special health programmes are designed to guarantee a successful, fulfilling and balanced working life at every career stage.

Personnel development

The most sustainable investment for companies is the investment in its employees. With our personnel development, we ensure that every talent at Zschimmer & Schwarz is guaranteed to be in his or her element. Regardless of position, function, age or origin, we want to make all of our employees fit for new tasks in a continuous development and learning process.

With self-confidence and dedication, the challenges of new markets and technologies can be mastered. In a continuous communication process with supervisors and staff, we optimise and expand our offerings and develop innovative individual measures, group training seminars and development programmes.

Competent, supported and satisfied employees are the foundation of our success.

Social partnership

The social partnership of the chemical industry in Germany is based on respect, fairness, trust and responsibility. In the daily coexistence between corporate management and employee representation, these values are an incentive and a matter of course for us.

That is why we promote an open dialogue for the benefit of the workforce – and therefore also of the company – along with framework conditions that go far beyond legal and collective bargaining agreements.

We know that through social partnership, we can develop the company successfully. Therefore, our cooperation and action are characterised by social partnership agreements concerning important topics such as:

  • A family-conscious management and securing the work-life balance of the employees
  • Building blocks for an equal and family-friendly personnel policy


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