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As an innovative chemicals company with numerous international locations, Zschimmer & Schwarz is a global player with customers all over the world. Despite this international profile, Zschimmer & Schwarz never loses sight of its roots: we started as a family business, and our corporate culture is based on evolved values. Connected to the past, yet committed to the future: the company is managed in the best interests of our tradition, philosophy and the company owners.


Zschimmer & Schwarz combines the innovative energy of a global player and the self-understanding of a traditional family business. Our employees embody our vision at all the locations on all continents: dedicated to research, we develop top-quality innovation in chemicals, but remain aware of our social, ecological and corporate responsibilities at all times.


Responsibility has many sides at Zschimmer & Schwarz. We have a responsibility to our clients and their customers to always offer the most innovative solutions of the highest quality. We have a responsibility to our employees to be a reliable and conscientious employer at all times and in every respect. We have a responsibility to society to employ resource-saving and ecologically sensitive production methods.


As a traditional family business, we put our name on the line for responsible behaviour. Integrity, reliability and conscientiousness are essential parts of our corporate culture worldwide.


Our company is just as versatile and varied as the chemicals sector. With 28 companies in 16 countries on five continents, we are always close to the customer, and offer special products tailored precisely to market requirements worldwide. That’s why Zschimmer & Schwarz stands worldwide for Chemistry tailor-made, Química a medida and химия на заказ.


When Otto Zschimmer and Max Schwarz founded a chemicals wholesaler in 1894, and began producing their own chemicals in 1909, the world was a very different place. Who could foresee the key world events of the 20th century? The story of Zschimmer & Schwarz is therefore also a very German story, a story of constant change.

Originally founded in Chemnitz, the company headquarters were relocated to Lahnstein after Germany’s division. But what was separated on one side grew together on the other. As Europe started to grow together, the company began expanding into other countries, starting with the foundation of Zschimmer & Schwarz France in 1960. And finally, what belonged together once again came together.

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