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Cleaning Specialities

For brilliant results: tailor-made chemical solutions by Zschimmer & Schwarz offer the pure and cleaning power of innovation. Whether for household use, in the car, in hospitals or in large-scale industry: our surfactants, polymers and phosphonates, combined with additional formulation services, shorten development times for our customers. Our products make life cleaner for people all over the world. Environmentally friendly, efficient, compatible even with sensitive surfaces: this is cleaning at its best.

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Zschimmer & Schwarz
Cleaning Specialities Division
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Home Care

A welcoming and cosy home requires constant care. The modern consumer’s expectations for cleaning and care products have changed dramatically over the last couple of years. In addition to the simple and safe application of a product, efficiency and eco-friendliness have become important criteria in purchase decisions. Zschimmer & Schwarz offers a wide range of raw materials that support formulators in the manufacturing of modern products.


Whether mechanically or manually – perfectly removing food residues from dishes is a highly demanding cleaning task. Dishes are expected to sparkle and be hygienically clean, ideally in no time at all and regardless of the type and stubbornness of the residues.

Floors / carpet

The cleaning requirements for different types of flooring are just as diverse as the materials themselves. There is a great difference between the caring cleaning of delicate wood floors and the targeted elimination of stains on carpets. Foaming capacity, cleaning power, sustainability and special finishes, such as antistatic properties, are factors that vary depending on the respective application area.

Hard surfaces

Surface cleaning includes all types of hard surfaces, such as plastic and wood surfaces or furniture. These need to be cleaned in the private home as well as in professional and industrial areas. The specific requirements that must be met by cleaning agents are as diverse as the surfaces themselves.


At home, glass surfaces can be found practically everywhere – from windows to mirrors to the oven door. Cleaning them is supposed to be a quick affair with a streak-free finish. If desired, the cleaning agent can provide specific properties such as antistatic or anti-fogging effects.


The textiles available on the market are just as diverse as the personal preferences of the individuals wearing them. Their cleaning must perfectly match the specific material because a delicate silk scarf cannot be washed with the same detergent as a robust terry towel.


In contrast to most other cleaning agents, sanitary cleaners have an acidic pH value that allows them to effectively remove specific types of soiling like rust or limescale. Anti-corrosion agents can effectively protect metals against the effects of acidic cleaning agents.

Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients (PCHi)
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Industrial and Institutional

Products used in the area of professional cleaning, for example in food production facilities, hospitals and public buildings, have to meet higher requirements than household products. The residue-free removal of contaminations is an essential criterion. Zschimmer & Schwarz has developed a wide range of products that can be adapted to individual requirements.

Commercial kitchen

When it comes to food preparation, hygiene is always the top priority. This is why cleaning the respective rooms and equipment is of utmost importance. From the hygienic and quick cleaning of dishes to the professional degreasing of stoves: the cleaning agents and their application may differ, but they all have to deliver a hygienically clean result.

Floors / carpet

The requirements for the cleaning and care of flooring materials are as diverse as the materials themselves. There is a difference between the professional cleaning of carpets in a public building and the thorough cleaning of a concrete floor in an industrial warehouse. The foaming capacity, cleaning power, sustainability and special applications, such as antistatic properties, are factors that vary depending on the application.

Hard surfaces

Surface cleaning is necessary for all types of hard surfaces, from plastic to wood and metal surfaces. These areas must be cleaned in the home as well as in professional and industrial areas. The specific requirements for the cleaning agents are as diverse as the surfaces themselves.


Sanitary facilities are particularly critical areas in the cleaning of commercial premises because they are very highly frequented (toilets, showers, washrooms) and require the removal of specific types of soiling such as limescale, rust, skin grease and soap residues. In contrast to most other cleaning agents, sanitary cleaning agents have an acidic pH value.


The first impression made by a building is to a large degree determined by its facade. This is why professional cleaning is extremely important for all companies. The facades and the materials they are made of are just as diverse as the companies behind them: glass, metal and stone must be cleaned and protected in a professional manner.

Manufacturing areas

Cleanliness also plays an important role in industrial companies, not only in terms of the quality of the manufactured goods, but also for the safety of the employees. In each business, there is a unique set of materials which are exposed to varied types of soiling, which means that the ideal cleaning concept has to be identified in each individual case.

Car Care

In today’s world, car cleaning and care call for high-performance products that are gentle on the materials as well as the environment. Zschimmer & Schwarz offers a wide range of solutions for the formulation of sophisticated products in many different areas, from manual and automated car cleaning to the removal of persistent dirt and restoring a car’s paint to its original brilliance with long-lasting effect.


It is particularly important that the windscreen is clean and free of streaks. From the inside, it is often cleaned with glass cleaning agents. On the outside, windscreen wipers and windscreen wash ensure safe driving. Additional effects, such as anti-fogging, assist in keeping a clear view of the road ahead, even in wet weather conditions.


Wheels are composed of parts made from different materials, such as galvanised wheel bolts, steel or aluminium rims and rubber tyres. This is why cleaning agents must be compatible with all these different materials. Besides, they are required to quickly and effectively remove stubborn dirt such as brake dust, tar and rust.


Leather-upholstered sports seats, fleecy floor mats, robust rubber mats for the boot and a shiny cockpit: a car’s interior creates a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere but is also exposed to dirt such as road dust, mud or melted chocolate. A range of different products is available for the successful cleaning and preventive care of the interior.


A car wash not only lets the car’s paint shine but also guarantees the safety of the vehicle and preserves the materials. Optimum cleaning and care therefore require special ingredients.

Commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicles used for the transportation of persons or goods must meet high demands. Cleaning and care play a crucial role: for the clear visibility of advertising printed on a truck tarpaulin just as much as for the cleanliness and thus the comfort of the passengers on board a bus.

Other vehicles

Special vehicles like motorbikes, bicycles, boats or trains come with special challenges for their users. The materials they are made of and the dirt they are exposed to are highly specific and must be taken into account when selecting cleaning and care products.