Chemistry tailor-made – steadfast towards the goal.


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When Otto Zschimmer and Max Schwarz founded the company Zschimmer & Schwarz in 1894, the world was a completely different place. Globalised markets and a united Europe were a distant dream, and the chemicals industry was in its infancy. Over 120 years later, the company has witnessed, and actively helped shape, the changing times. Today, the Zschimmer & Schwarz Group is present in 17 countries worldwide, and is a leading manufacturer of chemical auxiliaries for a wide variety of industries.

But even now, the two names Zschimmer and Schwarz are the inspiration for our family charter, and guarantee a common promise: despite its growth, the company will never lose sight of its roots and, as a family business, it will always stand for a philosophy based on responsible business practices, long-term success and financial autonomy.

From the shareholders to the management and the individual employees, we build on evolved values and chart a common course. We plan for generations ahead, not the next quarter. Employees and customers can always count on us to treat them with fairness, sincerity, transparency, respect and on equal terms.

With an emphasis on sustainable development, we, as an independent company, produce innovative solutions that are tailored precisely to the requirements of our clients.