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School internships in Lahnstein and Mohsdorf (Germany)

We offer internships for pupils in all Zschimmer & Schwarz training occupations. In Lahnstein it is a 3-day internship from the 9th grade and in Mohsdorf a maximum of two weeks is possible for pupils aged 14 or over.

Our internships are highly sought after and some are already filled up to a year in advance. So you should apply to us in writing as quickly as possible. In the cover letter, do not forget to indicate the exact job title and the desired date for your internship:

Send your application to:




Pupils can get to know Zschimmer & Schwarz from close range at a plant exploration at the Mohsdorf location. Here, they can get an impression of our varied work and our diverse career opportunities. We would also be happy to offer a presentation of the company as well as of job profiles with selected questions from the associated recruitment tests.



Interest in the topics of chemistry and science cannot be awakened soon enough. That's why Zschimmer & Schwarz works closely with regional high schools like the Max-von-Laue-Gymnasium in Koblenz. With the offer of internships, natural science days and the promotion of a pupil lab at the University of Koblenz, we want to arouse curiosity and invest today in promoting the researchers of tomorrow.


An effective cooperation of education and economics – this is SCHOOL ECONOMICS. As a result, the forward-looking cooperation of companies and schools is initiated and designed to make it easier for young people to enter everyday working life.

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Today, there are more than 400 working groups nationwide, 35 of which are in Rhineland-Palatinate. The work is made possible by a broad voluntary commitment, which is supported by full-time offices at state and federal level. At the federal level, the network is run by the Confederation of German Employers' Associations and the Institute of German Business in Cologne, and at the state level by umbrella organisations and educational institutions of the employers in partnership with ministries. Through this structure, the motto of SCHOOL ECONOMICS is brought to life: anchored regionally, networked nationwide.

The Rhineland-Palatinate working groups are supported and coordinated by the SCHOOL ECONOMICS Rheinland-Pfalz office in the State Association of Entrepreneurs' Associations RP (LVU). In the Rhein-Lahn region – with its 100 members from schools, parents' councils, companies and authorities – Zschimmer & Schwarz has been involved in the management team since 1998. Our instructor Susanne Klothen is co-initiator and founder of the Rhein-Lahn working group and has been its chairperson since 1998. In this position, she organises and manages seminars and conferences for educators, school principals, personnel and training managers in the region.

SCHOOL ECONOMICS Rhein-Lahn is staffed on the management level by two representatives each of the schools and industry on a voluntary basis. The cooperation between school and industry has been decisively improved since its founding. The contact between schools and companies is consistently expanded, the exchange of information and experience is promoted, and understanding and mutual acceptance is strengthened. Numerous initiated projects contribute significantly to the success of the working group. The focus is on career orientation, economic education as well as current practical topics in the fields of educational and economic policy.