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True values never yield to fast-moving stock market trends or quarterly figures, and are consistently high. They are never subject to inflation, and are unsaleable and non-negotiable. They are internalised and lived in the company, and are a promise to our customers, partners, and employees.

Our values have developed and grown over time, and proven themselves in our long history. Today, they guide our daily actions. They define our dealings with each other and our clients, the high demands we place on ourselves and our work. We look forward to every new challenge, opportunity and development without losing sight of our convictions.

Our values give us a common understanding of what is at the heart of our company: even in the face of all the changes in our dynamic industry, we always remain true to ourselves, combining economic success and innovative solutions with conscientious action and social responsibility.

This way, we are shaping a sustainable future that is marked by chemical progress, and offering the world precisely tailored products for all requirements and purposes – in other words: chemistry tailor-made!

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With the best products, highest quality, target-oriented innovation,

perfect service and consistent planning reliability,

we justify the trust placed in us by our customers, partners and employees.

Identity and integrity, economic success with social and ecological

awareness –

our 1,300 employees worldwide live and breathe this claim.

Transparency, honesty and trust

in our employees, customers and partners

promote creativity and a passion for research,

the basis of our long-term success.

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With courage, decisiveness and a pioneering mindset

we place our unwavering trust in research and development.

With an international presence and proximity

to our customers and their markets, we can anticipate their wishes and opportunities.

From success to success –

with drive and entrepreneurial spirit

we work together to ensure the long-term growth of our company.

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For over 100 years our name and actions

have stood as symbols for fair treatment

of our customers, our employees, our partners

and even our competitors.

Zschimmer & Schwarz is a place of identification,

keeping our eyes on the future

and using history as a reference.

As a traditional, family-run company,

we are proud of our corporate culture,

a culture which is, has and always will be rooted in

long-term planning and healthy growth.

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As a global team,

we stand for respect, honesty and

professionalism in all our interactions with

customers, partners and employees,

no matter what their cultural background.

We treat our employees as equals, we appreciate, encourage and challenge

everyone as equals,

we cultivate an open dialogue and support the process of professional development.

We are dedicated to our company, and handle resources

and property responsibly.


Zschimmer & Schwarz
Chemische Fabriken
Max-Schwarz-Strasse 3-5, 56112 Lahnstein | DE

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