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Textile Auxiliaries

Whether textiles are for the home, car, camping or one’s own body, consumers desire products that are tailored to their needs. They must be flexible, durable, colour fast, wash-resistant, odourless and easy on the skin. Zschimmer & Schwarz offers auxiliaries for textile finishing that bestow exactly the properties you desire. Our product range includes a variety of indispensable all-rounders that ensure perfect textile dyeing, lubricating, finishing and more. In producing our auxiliaries, we remain focused on the needs of our customers while drawing on our extensive experience in the field. We are continuously working in our labs to optimise our products in order to keep up with fashion and market trends.

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Conventional Textile Auxiliaries

We always have the right (textile) auxiliary to meet your needs!

Yarn and fabric manufacture

From fibre to fabric

Chemical auxiliaries have made many things possible in the manufacture of yarns and fabrics, including the optimisation of yarn production, generation of specific effects such as hydrophilic properties or soft handle, improvements in the running characteristics on fabric generating machines and the careful handling of old textiles and fibre waste. Zschimmer & Schwarz offers products that are specially developed for yarn and fabric manufacture. These form the foundation of creating a textile surface structure from loose fibres.


Pretreatment makes all the difference.

A high-quality, finished textile product that meets all the customer’s needs can only be achieved with optimised pretreatment products and processes. Whether scouring, desizing or bleaching, it is absolutely essential to have the proper detergents, wetting and sequestering agents and suitable peroxide stabilisers.


The right products for beautiful colours that last!

It takes more than simply good dye to colour textiles. Our dyeing auxiliaries ensure that colours perfectly match our customers’ wishes and are protected against washing, sun, perspiration and chlorine for as long as possible.


Small helpers with large effects.

These influence not only the colouring of textiles, but also their fire retardancy or water and oil repellency. Finishing products can have a positive influence in these areas. The application of finishing products can adjust antistatic properties – and thereby the resistance to soiling – according to the customer’s wishes, for example in the back coating of tufted carpets. In order to ensure a smooth finishing process, we offer a line of defoamers and thickeners. These provide the certainty that is especially necessary at the end of the value chain.