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Paints & Coatings

When appearances do matter: technologies and materials from Zschimmer & Schwarz ensure the best results in the treatment and coating of surfaces such as wood, paper, metal, textiles and concrete. Innovative polymer technologies, tailored to the application and requirements of our customers, provide the necessary "plus" in the formulation. As specialists in environmentally conscious, water-based polymers, we offer optimised customer solutions with the highest standards of quality and cost-effectiveness, which we are producing at our sites in Europe, North America and Asia.

Whether it’s raw materials or tailored and ready-to-use customer solutions – we will help you find the right products. We will happily accompany you on the way to your formulation in order to jointly create added value for your customer. For this purpose, please contact our staff via the contact details provided – we look forward to your inquiry!


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Industrial Coatings

Industrial coatings perform a wide variety of functions in different applications and contribute to decoration as well. The polymeric binder as the backbone of such coating formulations plays a decisive role. Whether it is the protection of metal against corrosion or the weather resistance of wood: with our water-based polymer technologies, we offer reliable and at the same time environmentally conscious solutions for a wide variety of problems and substrates. Our portfolio includes products based on both anionic and cationic waterborne acrylate or polyurethane dispersions for paper, wood, metal, concrete and plastics.

Wood coatings

Appearance, haptics, durability: wood products are subject to the highest demands, which can usually only be met by a high-performance coating. For the formulation of such coatings, Zschimmer & Schwarz offers water-based polymers as universal binders and for special applications, such as stain-blocking primers or matt coatings.

Metal protection and coatings

For the sustainable use of metal as a material, a coating is essential to protect it from corrosion. In addition, a metal coating allows for decorative designs. Zschimmer & Schwarz offers specialised aqueous polyurethane (PUD) and acrylic dispersions for use on substrates made of metal or metal alloys, which are used for corrosion protection or chrome-free surface passivation.

Concrete coatings

Concrete is considered a universal material, but it is only with the appropriate coating that concrete surfaces achieve the resistance and optical properties that make it virtually without alternative in a wide variety of applications. Whether industrial or home application: our water-based polymer technologies help you to develop excellent and at the same time economical formulations for a wide variety of concrete coatings.

Plastic coatings

We encounter plastics in many areas of daily life in a wide variety of shapes, colours or surface textures. While good formability is an important property of the plastics themselves, the important visual or haptic impression is often significantly influenced by coatings. Our product portfolio offers water-based polymers to realise your formulations, and specialised solutions for a wide variety of plastic substrates and application types.

Western Coatings Show
18.10.2021 - 20.10.2021

Las Vegas, Nevada | USA
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Eastern Coatings Show
17.11.2021 - 19.11.2021

Atlantic City, New Jersey | USA
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Graphic Arts

The graphic arts sector combines advertising, publication and packaging printing, with a wide variety of printing processes. Diverse printing technologies and application types as well as a large number of different substrates require highly specialised polymers for the formulation of suitable coating and ink systems. In addition to economic aspects, sustainability and environmental friendliness are increasingly becoming the focus of raw material selection. Water-based polymer technologies, in which Zschimmer & Schwarz specialises, are the method of choice here. With decades of experience, we supply the graphic arts industry with high-performance acrylic emulsions. Our extensive portfolio serves end uses ranging from printing inks to overprint varnishes and primers for paper, board, cardboard, metallised papers or labels.

OPV / Primer

High-quality print products with the highest demands on appearance and durability can often only be achieved in a multi-layer build-up with primer or overprint varnish. Zschimmer & Schwarz develops unique water-based polymers for overprint varnishes and primers, which we adapt to your applications on request. For overprint varnishes, our unique acrylic emulsions provide gloss, block resistance as well as good wear and chemical resistance.

Printing inks

Pigments form the core of a printing ink because it is through them that colourfulness or hiding power results. In order to ensure this function of the pigments, the formulation and especially the interaction with the binder polymers play a crucial role. As experts in environmentally conscious aqueous dispersions, we can ensure perfect interaction between binder and pigment through precise control of the polymerisation process or adjust it if necessary.

Paper coatings

Paper is a versatile material made from renewable resources with excellent biodegradability or recyclability. Therefore, it is finding ever new and broader areas of application. To meet the requirements of these applications, a coating is often needed which both ensures the function and preserves the advantages of paper as a material. For this purpose, Zschimmer & Schwarz offers specialised solutions based on our water-based polymer technologies.