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18.06.19 | Donation projects

ZS: zeptosecondo

ZS: zeptosecondo – helping students understand scientific methodology using research and experimentation rather than rigid lectures

The school project of Laboratorio di Scienze e Chimica I.C. in Valenza aims to facilitate access to science for school children by means of illustrative experiments and research. Practical training allows young talents to be introduced to the scientific methodology. The focus is on joint discovery and experience rather than on rigid rote learning – we can learn from our mistakes, and only those who ask questions will acquire new knowledge.

The donation will go towards the purchase of tools and materials for the school laboratory. The focus is once again on benefits in daily life – all materials are also suitable for household use and therefore relate directly to natural phenomena, chemical reactions, science and daily life.

Donation amount: € 15,000
Submitted by: Dr. Giorgio Mosso
Company: Zschimmer & Schwarz Italiana S.p.A. | Italy