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30.06.19 | Donation projects

Heinrich-Haus Engers

Heinrich-Haus Engers – supporting children with disabilities from the Rhein-Lahn district

Christiane-Herzog school, which is part of the Heinrich-Haus in Engers, will be the beneficiary of the donation. This is a full-day school that focuses on supporting children in the development of motor skills. Children and adolescents with physical disabilities are able to participate almost completely in social life.

The facility also offers various sports activities, such as an e-wheel-chair hockey group or a climbing group. These activities require particular effort and organisation and can only be realised with financial assistance.

School children with physical limitations are in many cases only able to take advantage of certain educational opportunities with cost-intensive media support, for example tablet computers. This donation will support a wide range of important activities for children.

Donation amount: € 5,000
Submitted by: Vera Wüst
Company: Zschimmer & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG Chemische Fabriken | Germany