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19.06.19 | Donation projects

Four wheels to save a life

Four wheels to save a life – search for missing people with the help of rescue dogs

FENIX is a charity that assists people and the community. The organisation’s 35 volunteers have a wide range of backgrounds in areas of speciality that support this project.

The “Volunteers 118” are volunteers who specialise in first aid, the transport of injured people in emergencies such as illness, accidents or natural disasters.

This civil protection unit is composed of volunteer staff who work on hazard prediction and prevention and are on site to assist the community in the event of a natural disaster.

The rescue team specialises in rescuing missing persons trapped under debris or in the open with its rescue dogs.

This donation will go towards the purchase of a multi-function vehicle the volunteers can use to quickly transport rescue dogs and their handlers to lifesaving missions.

Donation amount: € 51,000
Submitted by: Alessia Brusasca, Leonardo Giorcelli
Company: Zschimmer & Schwarz Italiana S.p.A. | Italy