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Monofilament and Tape

Monofilaments are produced in various thicknesses – from a few micrometres up to several millimetres. Fine filaments are intended for the production of filter fabrics or in printing stencils, whereby coarser monofilaments are known as bristles (brush production).

The spin finishes have the task of ensuring good anti-static properties and low levels of friction even at very low oil pick-ups.

Tapes are used for the production of e.g. carpet backing and packaging materials. If they are used for the production of artificial grass, they must meet special requirements – for example good knot stability. The main task of the spin finish in this application area is also to ensure low levels of friction during twisting, weaving and tufting. If packaging materials are involved, the individual components have to be checked with regard to their authorisation for use with foodstuffs.

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