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Technical Information SYNTRAN® AC 2902 is an inherently matte acrylic polymer. This technology produces a film with low to satin gloss, high flexibility and stability while providing excellent adhesion to various substrate types. SYNTRAN® AC 2902 forms a low-gloss film without the additional use of waxes or powdered matting agents. It is compatible with both organic and inorganic pigment pastes and can be used to produce matte formulations without affecting the colour of the ink or the substrate, providing a very natural, “non-coated” appearance of the substrate. As single binder or combination partner for polyurethanes and acrylic polymers. SYNTRAN® AC 2902 is OH-functional and can be further crosslinked with suitable isocyanates.
Product Description Inherently matte self-crosslinking acrylic polymer
Region Asia
Europe incl. Turkey
Market & Application Wood coatings
Topcoats / Multilayer
Primer / Basecoats

Plastic coatings
Rigid plastics

Features and benefits Low gloss without external matting agents
Water resistance
High transparency on dark substrates
Very natural, “non coated” appearance of the substrate
excellent grain wetting on wood
Chemistry Anionic
Solid approx. 45%
ph value: neutral 7.5
MFFT: 30 °C

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Product: SYNTRAN® AC 2902

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