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Industrial Specialities

Partner of the global players: the special chemical products by Zschimmer & Schwarz are guaranteed to consistently deliver the desired result to the industry. Our surfactants, phosphonates, polymers and other chemical compounds are used in water treatment, on oil fields, in agriculture, the paper industry and construction chemistry and provide perfect results. Internationally positioned and always close to our customers and their wishes, we create tailor-made solutions that set the standard in terms of safety, environmental awareness and quality.

If you wish to find out more about our products, other special applications and services, please contact us – we are more than happy to answer your questions!


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In the next decades, it will become a major challenge to produce enough food for a growing world population: it will be necessary to achieve higher yields and to reduce losses. This is where agrochemicals – fertilisers and regulators of diseases and pests – come in. Zschimmer & Schwarz has extensive knowledge of the technologies used in the manufacturing of agrochemical formulations. These make it possible to develop formulations that are stable over time, guaranteeing their effectiveness throughout the product's lifespan. Our efficient and eco-friendly additives improve the performance of the final formulation and are tailored to the customer’s individual requirements.

Oil field chemistry

Crude oil and natural gas are still the world's most important energy resources. As regards the production of these established chemical raw materials, oil field chemistry faces many challenges, such as deposit formation in production facilities, reduction in the permeability of oil-bearing formations, problems with emulsion splitting, foaming or plant corrosion. At the same time, environmental protection and compliance with corresponding environmental standards are of utmost importance. We offer a wide range of eco-friendly additives to make crude oil production as effective and efficient as possible.

Pulp and Paper

Prod­ucts made by the pulp and paper industry are omnipresent in our daily lives – from the daily newspaper to personal hygiene to product packaging. Sustainability, the increasing use of secondary raw materials, the optimisation of energy consumption and efficiency of input materials as well as higher environmental standards are important issues for this sector. Zschimmer & Schwarz offers a wide range of efficient and eco-friendly additives for the pulp and paper industry which help to increase both production quantity and quality.

Industrial water treatment

Due to the increasing demand for usable water, both the efficient use of water and the conversion of seawater into industrial and drinking water are constantly gaining in importance. During the extraction, purification and recycling of water, problems – in particular those associated with scale and corrosion, such as plant damage or shortened operating times and cleaning intervals – need to be avoided or at least reduced. In other areas, deposits can lead to significant losses in energy yield. Zschimmer & Schwarz offers efficient and eco-friendly additives to improve the performance of industrial water treatment plants.



Under the trade name CUBLEN, Zschimmer & Schwarz markets a wide range of phosphonate products. The focus of the portfolio comprises eight different chemical molecules (HEDP, ATMP, DTPMP, EDTMP, HDTMP, HEMPA, PBTC, BHMTMP), which are supplied in numerous different forms. Most of the products are offered as various salts – e.g. sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), ammonium (NH4+) – with a different pH value or active content. With their CUBLEN phosphonate range, Zschimmer & Schwarz provides optimum solutions for a wide range of industrial applications: these range from use in detergents and cleaning agents and water treatment in general, through oilfield chemicals to the cosmetics or building materials industry.

CUBLEN phosphonates are the products of choice for use as high-performance antiscalants, dispersants, complexing and chelating agents or as corrosion inhibitors.


The CUBLEN A Series (ATMP) is a good complexing agent and a universally applicable inhibitor for various mineral deposits (scale). Selected ATMP products are certified according to the North American standard NSF/ANSI 60 for use in the production of drinking water. With CUBLEN ACS 402 there is also an active chlorine-compatible ATMP product available.


The CUBLEN  B Series (BHMTMP) is an excellent inhibitor for both carbonate- and sulphate-based mineral deposits with high hydrothermal stability.


The CUBLEN D Series (DTPMP) represents the most versatile phosphonic acid in the CUBLEN product range and impresses with its outstanding price-performance ratio. DTPMP is an excellent inhibitor for mineral deposits (for example CaCO3, BaSO4, SrSO4) and a powerful complexing agent. Selected DTPMP products are certified according to the North American standard NSF/ANSI 60 for use in the production of drinking water.


The CUBLEN E Series (EDTMP) is a particularly powerful complexing agent with high calcium tolerance. EDTMP has a high dispersing power for ceramic slurries and retards setting in building materials.


The CUBLEN  F Series (HDTMP) acts as an excellent inhibitor for mineral deposits (especially for gypsum) and has high hydrothermal stability. HDTMP shows corrosion-inhibiting properties on aluminium under alkaline conditions. Selected HDTMP products are certified according to the North American standard NSF/ANSI 60 for use in the production of drinking water.


The CUBLEN  K Series (HEDP) is a very good CaCO3 inhibitor, water hardness stabiliser and complexing agent for trivalent metal ions (for example Fe3+). In addition to aqueous products, HEDP is also available as a granular, dust-free solid with various active contents.


The CUBLEN  R Series (HEMPA) is an excellent dispersant for calcium-based deposits. HEMPA significantly improves the rinsing properties of washing and cleaning formulations.

In high saline systems of oilfield applications, HEMPA can show its excellent calcium tolerance.


The CUBLEN P Series (PBTC) consists of an active chlorine-compatible phosphonic acid with high calcium tolerance, even under strongly alkaline conditions.


Phosphonates have been successfully used as additives in industrial water treatment for around 50 years. Building on this original application, phosphonates have opened up a very broad spectrum of new chemical-technical applications. This is mainly due to their multifunctional properties

  • as a complexing agent and threshold-active substance,
  • as efficient dispersing agents in combination with their
  • excellent hydrolytic and thermal stability.

CUBLEN phosphonates therefore offer optimum solutions for a large variety of application fields such as detergents and cleaning agents for household and commercial use, industrial water treatment, as additives for oilfield chemicals or the building materials industry. Furthermore, phosphonates are also used in the production of paper, metal treatment and cosmetic products.

Washing and cleaning agents

Our specialists from the Cleaning Specialities Division trust in CUBLEN  phosphonates as essential ingredients for washing and cleaning agent formulations. CUBLEN phoshonates fulfil an entire range of important functions both in products for household use as well as those for commercial use: among other things, they are used for water hardness stabilisation, the dispersion of dirt particles, stain removal or for the stabilisation of disinfecting or bleaching components.

Oil field chemistry

CUBLEN phosphonates are also used in secondary mineral oil production. They are used both in topside and downhole treatment. They stabilise water with a very high salt and/or sediment load and prevent the formation of mineral deposits of sparingly soluble salts. Furthermore, they disperse mineral or sediment particles that have already formed.

Water treatment

CUBLEN  phosphonates are an integral constituent of packages for effective water treatment. As powerful threshold-active substances, they prevent the deposition of insoluble carbonate- and sulphate-based minerals and counteract fouling through their good dispersing properties. Furthermore, phosphonates are good corrosion inhibitors, especially in combination with other inhibitors. In addition to individual phosphonates, Zschimmer & Schwarz also offers synergistic mixtures for special applications such as reverse osmosis.

Building materials

CUBLEN  phosphonates make a valuable contribution to the building materials industry. Due to their dispersing properties, they are used as plasticisers or rheology modifiers in ceramic slurries and as stabilisers in pigment paints. In addition, CUBLEN phosphonates are also used as setting retarders for concrete or gypsum.

Textile and paper auxiliaries

CUBLEN phosphonates are high-performance complexing agents. They are required in paper and pulp production to bind heavy metals and in this way increase the efficiency of bleaching baths. Furthermore, CUBLEN phosphonate complexing agents help to remove heavy metals and alkaline earth metal compounds from raw cotton (demineralisation).

Metal treatment

CUBLEN  phosphonates are ideally suited as additives for cleaning corroded metal surfaces. Both the acidic effect of phosphonic acids and their complexing character can accelerate the removal of rust, for example, and at the same time provide temporary corrosion protection for the cleaned surfaces. CUBLEN phosphonates are an environmentally friendly alternative to cyanide complexing agents for galvanic coating baths.


In the Personal Care Division, CUBLEN phosphonates are used, among other things, as bleach stabilisers in hair dye products. In soaps and shampoos they stabilise and improve the performance of detergent ingredients. Furthermore, CUBLEN phosphonates are ideal for stabilising white pigment dispersions in suntan lotions.


In addition to the standard liquid products, Zschimmer & Schwarz offers a range of specialities. Selected phosphonates are also available as solids. The products are offered either as powders (e.g. EDTMP, HDTMP) or as dust-free granules (HEDP, DTPMP). They are particularly suitable for the production of formulations with a solid dosage form (for example for dishwasher tablets). Besides, the Industrial Specialities Division manufactures numerous special products and formulations with tailor-made properties for specific applications – the range is enormous. It ranges from oxidation-stable phosphonates for use in hypochlorite-containing formulations, through chloride-free phosphonate products for the stabilisation of bleaches (or components of bleaching liquors) to special formulations, for example for systems for the production of drinking water by means of reverse osmosis.

Special products

In addition to the extensive standard phosphonate range, Zschimmer & Schwarz offers a large number of products with special properties for special applications. In addition to oxidation-stable modifications of ATMP (CUBLEN ACS 402) there are also chloride-free products based on CUBLEN  Series E and D, for example. Furthermore, Zschimmer & Schwarz boasts a readily biodegradable aminomethylene phosphonate (according to OECD Standard 301) with novel surface-active, corrosion-inhibiting and hydrotropic properties.


Zschimmer & Schwarz also offers proprietary formulations consisting of phosphonates and other auxiliaries which have been optimised for use in certain fields of application. Through the application of our long-standing expertise, these synergistic mixtures impress with their enhanced performance compared to individual products, thereby creating significant added value for the customer.


In addition to aqueous solutions, the CUBLEN product range also comprises phosphonates/phosphonic acids which are available either as dust-free granulated solids or as crystalline powder. The spectrum of products we offer ranges from industrial-grade solids with a large production volume to fine chemicals of high purity.