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End consumers are more and more demanding ready-to-use convenience products. They are looking for lower prices, good appearance, gloss and chemical resistance without coat build-up. We offer non-metal-bound polymers that help formulators achieve these properties.

ProductSYNTRAN® 1930SYNTRAN® 1905SYNTRAN® 1950
Chemical descriptionGrafted olefin styrene acrylateStyrene acrylate copolymerNon-metal-bound, water-based styrene acrylate copolymer
Concentration [%]383840
MFFT [°C]655754
Appearance [at 20 °C]LiquidLiquidLiquid
FunctionBinder for household floor polishesBinder for household floor polishesBinder for household floor polishes
BenefitsHigh gloss, good wear propertiesVery high gloss, good wear propertiesHigh gloss, good wear properties