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Milling agents

Dry milling agents  are additives, which are used in the dry milling process of ceramic raw materials in a ball mill and/or other types of mills to increase throughput, improve energy efficiency and to modify the quality of the material to be milled.

The use of dry milling agents from Zschimmer & Schwarz can improve the performance of a mill significantly, by up to 40%.

Our dry milling agents counteract (re)agglomeration of the particles and, consequently, help reduce caking and incrustations in the mill, increase throughput speed, improve milling fineness and, as a result, the specific surface as well as the reactivity of the material to be milled. The flowability of the dry material to be milled is improved as well.

Dry milling agents from Zschimmer & Schwarz interact with the surface of the particles and neutralise electrical surface charges (unsaturated valences at fractured surfaces) and/or generate rectified charges on the surface. Consequently, the attraction between the individual particles is reduced or eliminated.

A dry milling agent is usually introduced at the beginning of the milling process together with the raw material to be milled, dosage being about 0.01 - 0.20 wt.%.

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