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The subsidiary Zschimmer & Schwarz Interpolymer has been offering innovative water-based specialty polymers since 1963.

In order to build upon our many years of success, we are continuing to focus on our strengths: our sense for market developments, our customised solutions and, not least of all, our customers' trust in our products.

Our main focus is to offer our customers high-quality polymers as well as comprehensive technical support in close cooperation. At our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the USA, Europe and Asia, we design and manufacture specialty products tailored to our customers' needs.

We are the market leader in numerous applications in the fields of Surface Care, Consumer Specialties and Industrial Specialties. Our polymer technology is outstanding, especially in the areas of film formation and dispersing power.

We continuously achieve top performance in polymer development, as well, so that our special solutions improve the quality, sustainability and value of our customers' products in the best way possible.



Zschimmer & Schwarz Interpolymer Inc.

200 Dan Road, Canton, MA 02021 | USA


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Zschimmer & Schwarz Interpolymer

(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

188 Pingfu Road, Building 3, Rm308

Shanghai 200231 | CN


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Zschimmer & Schwarz Interpolymer Sàrl

6 rue Marie Curie, 67160 Wissembourg | FR


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Interpolymer GmbH

Max-Schwarz-Straße 3-5, 56112 Lahnstein | DE


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Surface Care

The history of our subsidiary Zschimmer & Schwarz Interpolymer began in the field of surface care. The SYNTRAN® and MEGATRAN® brands enjoy a worldwide reputation for being the leading technology in polishing, surface treatment and cleaning.

The Polymers division has more than 50 products for special surface treatments as well as hundreds of basic formulas that help us to optimally meet a wide variety of needs. Our team works closely with our customers to provide customised solutions for virtually every application.

Our polymers as well as our ethylene-grafted wax technology provide superior shine and durability for the protection and easy maintenance of surfaces.

Floor Care

With special polymers for vinyl composite, wood, concrete, stone and ceramic floors, Zschimmer & Schwarz Interpolymer brands continue to set standards in floor care. Our products provide a particular shine and longevity. In addition, functional polymers, such as with anti-static properties, are designed for specific purposes. In combination with our ethylene-grafted wax technology, they protect surfaces and enable easy cleaning – in addition to providing improved slip control, abrasion resistance and repairability.

  • Sealer:To protect porous surfaces, we have developed a sealer formula that allows very good adhesion to various materials such as wood, concrete, stone, plastic and many others.
  • Household:The trend in consumer products is towards comfort.
  • Industrial & Institutional:We develop and manufacture special water-based solution and emulsion polymers.
Carpet Care

The field of carpet care is continuously being developed by us. We offer a combination of cleaning boosters and embrittling polymers that make it very easy to remove dirt and that provide effective protection against resoiling. By using highly alkaline, strongly foaming agents, our polymers make it possible to even clean carpets that are subject to heavy wear without any complication.

  • Shampoo:Carpet shampoos based on SYNTRAN® polymers are suitable for all conventional household and industrial processes and devices.
  • Spray Extraction:Thanks to their special properties, SYNTRAN® polymers are ideal for spray extraction.
  • Aerosol:SYNTRAN® polymers can be used in all liquid and all dry textile and carpet cleaner formulas.
Leather Care

Our leather care polymers enhance the look and patina of leather and form a water-impermeable protective layer. Only water vapour penetrates it, so that the leather can breathe. They are uncomplicated to use and slow to break down.

  • Leather Polish:In combination with SYNTRAN® waxes, SYNTRAN® polymer technology provides excellent adhesion and gives leather shiny, flexible and durable properties.
  • Leather Finish:SYNTRAN® polymers and waxes are perfect for leather.
Wax Emulsions

Ideally, wax emulsions have a balanced combination of hard and soft components. This is fundamental to the best possible development of films, varnishes and coatings. Our polymers provide an optimal balance of durability, high initial resistance to damage as well as repairability, resulting in a longer service life of the substrate.

  • Wax:Our Polymers division provides various water-based synthetic wax emulsions for coatings as well as floor, leather and shoe polishes.

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Consumer Specialties

The Consumer Specialties area includes ingredients for customers that manufacture end products for consumers and households. Our water-based acrylate polymers are found in decorative cosmetics, skin and hair care products as well as other personal care items.

The use of SYNTRAN®-based mascara is now a global standard – demand for this technology has been increasing since the 1980s. Each polymer dispersion is developed for the purpose of improving the properties of the particular formula in a variety of ways. With this successful concept, we provide our customers and their products with a real unique selling point. Our core competence is the development of characteristic key properties based on different monomers. This is based upon our tailor-made three-dimensional dispersion constructions.

Eye Make-up

In interpersonal interaction, eye contact plays a crucial role. Beautiful eye make-up provides for expressive moments and gives the wearer that special something. We offer a wide range of matching products that stand out by means of their colour expression, comfort, harmonious appearance and long adhesion.

With the use of SYNTRAN® film formers in your products, you prevent the ugly smudging of make-up. Through our proprietary process, we combine monomers with powerful functional groups to achieve an optimal balance between adhesion, cohesion, shine, flexibility and water resistance.

  • Mascara:SYNTRAN® film formers give your mascaras the necessary smear and smudge resistance.
  • Eyeliner:These materials create eyeliners with sharp edges.
  • Eye shadow:SYNTRAN® binders prevent smudging of the eye shadow.
  • Eyebrows:The pre-neutralised SYNTRAN® products are easy to use, since they are supplied in liquid form.
Face Make-up

In times of airbrush make-up and digital image processing, flawless skin is becoming increasingly important. Make-up manufacturers face the challenge of responding appropriately to this development. Digital technology that is able to help customers choose the right product is still in its infancy, but it will further enhance this trend.

Our subsidiary Zschimmer & Schwarz Interpolymer offers special compounds for the perfect end product, which unifies transmission resistance, adhesion, durability and hydrophobic properties in an exemplary fashion.

  • Foundation:Our SYNTRAN® polymers have a long-lasting effect on the skin without transferring the ingredients of the foundation formula.
  • BB cream:With our wax-grafted technology, we offer the customer an adequate playtime.
  • Concealer, Highlighter, Contour:SYNTRAN® binders keep pigments on the skin and prevent them from coming off.
Lip Make-up

Colour, texture and shine are the essential factors in lip products. It's all about reliability – the product should stay on the lips for as long as possible.

Our SYNTRAN® polymers ensure the essential properties of lip make-up, such as transfer resistance, flexibility, wear resistance and comfort, in the end product. These factors keep lips neat and attractive throughout the day.

  • Lip stain:The water-based SYNTRAN® materials give liquid lip cosmetics additional transmission resistance.
Nail Polish

Manufacturers of paints, adhesives and coatings began switching to water-based products more than a decade ago in order to reduce the release of organic solvents into the atmosphere.

Thanks to our polymers, the switch to modern water-based technology is now also possible with nail polishes. Your advantage: you can develop products that are virtually odourless, dry quickly, have excellent adhesion and a strong shine and are particularly waterproof. The high-performance polymers will progressively replace solvent-based nail polishes.

  • Nail Care:SYNTRAN® technology is perfect for nail care because it is water-based – it has a positive influence on nail moisturising.
  • Pigmented Nail Polish:Based on our proprietary SAFE technology, we have developed a state-of-the-art emulsion that forms an acrylate film and is a valuable alternative to solvent-based nail polishes.
  • Base Coat:The base coat technology has been designed for an effective removal of water-based nail polish systems.
  • Top Coat:This proprietary technology forms a high gloss film that stays shiny even after being immersed in water.

The first customer interaction with cosmetics products takes place at the visual level. If the right shade of colour is available with the right quality, manufacturers can increase their appeal.

The Polymers division has acrylic resins with dispersing properties and water-dispersible pigment dispersions. These prevent lumping and increase colour strength, shine, intensity, compatibility and coverage.

  • Pigment Dispersions:Our ready-to-use, pre-dispersed pigments were originally used for water-based nail polishes.
  • Dispersants:Pigments are added to the SYNTRAN® dispersants in order to produce stable pigment dispersions.
Skin Care

Our special skin care products indulge the skin in a unique manner. They provide it with sufficient moisture, protect it from harmful influences, effectively reduce wrinkles and increase UV protection. They guarantee an overall appealing look to the skin.

The wax-grafted and the bimodal technology are patented and ensure these properties in all our skin care and sunscreen products.

  • Sun Care:Wax-grafted polymer technology boosts the performance of UVA/UVB sunscreen products through improved organisation of UV absorbers.
  • Skin Firming:The patented bimodal technology forms a unique, interpenetrating network with two different ionic structures that increase adhesion and reduce cure time.
  • Skin Conditioning:The quaternary modified, wax-grafted technology consists of an amorphous acrylic polymer section which is grafted onto a polyethylene backbone.
  • Anti-Pollution:Our patented wax-grafted process contains a crystalline portion that provides barrier functions and which therefore forms a physical barrier for pollutants.
Hair Care

Whether it is about shine, moisture, elasticity or smoothness: perfect hair care requires the right products. Our polymers are the ideal supplement for your hair care formulas. Our ingredients not only regulate the texture and improve the care properties without being heavy; they also protect the colour, support the styling and provide a soft to medium adhesion with a high degree of moisture resistance.

  • Hair Conditioning:Cationic polymers combine a unique mixture of properties, such as combability, ease of styling as well as detangling and strengthening features.
  • Hair Colour Retention:The quaternary modified, wax-grafted multifunctional polymer protects hair colour when it is incorporated into products such as shampoos, conditioners and reactive dye formulas.
  • Hair Paint:The film-forming SYNTRAN® materials from the acrylic technology have good hair adhesion and positive binding properties.
  • Hair Styling:Bimodal polymers are real allrounders: they produce a fast-curing hold, are easy to remove and offer high humidity protection as well as effective curl retention in hairstyling products.

In view of the overwhelming variety of care products, manufacturers are looking for unique selling points. SYNTRAN® opacifiers enable chemists to develop stable, homogeneous formulas and achieve the best possible dense, milky appearance of the end product.

  • Opacifiers:Our SYNTRAN® opacifiers are used in a wide variety of formulas and product types.
  • Cleansing:SYNTRAN® polymers have excellent pigment-dispersing properties that gently remove make-up from the skin in substitution or in combination with surfactants.

Industrial Specialties

In the ”Industrial Specialties” division, we offer water-based polymers for specialty applications. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, our customers can develop high-quality coatings for various substrates, such as wood, concrete or metal. Our polymers make formulas possible that have different levels of protection, good adhesion and chemical resistance – which are nevertheless easy to remove.

In order to stay one step ahead of the competition in this special area, we are continually developing our range of water-based polymers. As a result, our customers can be sure to meet the demands of the global coatings market in the long term.


Whether for decorative or protective purposes, coatings increase the life of surfaces while maintaining an attractive appearance. The SYNTRAN® water-based acrylic polymers allow you to develop new formulas with good adhesion and gloss properties, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance. Our specialised technology has been optimised in a targeted fashion in order to create the right balance between different features and to enable easy formulation with a high degree of performance. Benefit from our many years of expertise and customised developments in surface protective coatings and specialty markets, such as stain protection.

  • Stain Blocking:Protecting against stubborn stains, such as from wood extract, water or nicotine, has long been a major challenge. 
  • Wood & Concrete:Wood and concrete coatings place special demands to which our SYNTRAN® polymers are optimally tailored. 
Graphic Arts

Printing products find a wide variety of applications in the packaging and media industries. We have designed special water-based technology with unique performance features for these products. Our polymers are ideal for packaging materials, such as cardboard, labels, blister packs, and metallised papers, as well as for print media, such as magazines and brochures. Our resin solutions are used throughout the ink production process – from the grinding process to the finished ink. They enable good pigment dispersion, high gloss as well as good transferability and printability.

For overprint varnishes, our hard and soft styrene-acrylic emulsions provide the necessary shine, optimum blocking stability and the best possible resistance to abrasion and chemicals.

  • Inks: The inks of our subsidiary Zschimmer & Schwarz Interpolymer have very special properties: SYNTRAN® resin solutions are the ideal base for pigment rubbings and dispersions and increase colour saturation. They are specially developed for the respective binder and ensure pigment transfer, printability and gloss.
  • Overprint Varnishes: Do you also want print materials that are particularly durable and permanently attractive? Protect graphics and information with SYNTRAN® polymers. 

We offer anionic polyelectrolytes for industrial applications in the textile, coatings and mineral suspensions sectors – including surfactant-free homo- and copolymers with a different molecular weight.

Our short-chain polymers are used as dispersing agents in paints and slurries. At room temperature, the polymers with a high molecular weight form a transparent, non-sticky film that is easily water soluble. They therefore offer interesting temporary protective properties on textile fibres and metal.

We have both acid polymers as well as already neutralised versions in the programme. We are flexible in terms of exact type of neutralisation and specific customer requirements.

  • Dispersing Agents:SYNTRAN® dispersing agents are wetting, dispersing and sequestering agents that improve the dispersion process and enable effective pigment dispersion. 
  • Sizing Agents:During weaving, yarns are subject to prolonged mechanical processing. 


Our performance promise is the development of creative polymer solutions for our customers. The rapid implementation of innovations by our R&D department ensures a rapid market introduction.

Our technology, derived from the water-based acrylic polymer chemistry of former company founder Norwin Wolff, has evolved enormously over the years. Thanks to our extensive expertise, we have been able to use a basic polymer backbone with the help of secondary reactions to produce copolymers with a broad range of functional properties.

Progress for the future: our goal is to combine the physical and chemical properties of acrylic chemistry with other monomers, polymers and certain functional groups in order to obtain unique structures with very specific characteristics.


Our technologies combine the physical and chemical properties of acrylic chemistry, giving our products unique and differentiated performance features. We want to offer our customers a broad range of innovative technology platforms through customised polymer design. The combination of anionic and cationic functionalities in a polymer as well as the grafting of an acrylic chain onto a polyethylene backbone are examples of the added value that our materials achieve. We are continually expanding our portfolio of pioneering technologies. In this way, we ensure our customers competitive advantages that keep an eye on long-term company success. See for yourself the breadth and quality of our proprietary procedures and patents!

Styrene, Acrylic
To improve physical-optical film properties such as shine, cloudiness and luminosity, copolymers consisting of the monomer combination of styrene and acrylic/methacrylic acid or acid ester, for example, are used.

Our bimodal polymers in turn consist of a unique proprietary technology that combines cationic and anionic functionalities on the same polymer backbone. Overall, the bimodal polymer has properties comparable to those of an anionic polymer, with the cationic portion leading to significantly improved adhesive properties.

The olefin-grafted technology of our subsidiary Interpolymer is unique: it prevents the wax component of a finished polymer film from being washed out by chemically bonding the wax polymers to the acrylic polymer backbone.

The integration of cationic functionalities into the polymer chain can be performed permanently or temporarily. The resulting electrostatic potential of the polymer improves properties such as stain blocking, adhesion and soft feel.

The SAFE technology is a unique combination of cross-linking systems that results in improved wear properties in acrylic systems. This performance benefit does not in any way compromise the aesthetic qualities of the film.

Zn free
The polymers are designed to mimic the performance characteristics of cross-linked industrial metal surface care products. They offer a real alternative to traditional formulas.

The polymers represent functional groups that remain latent until dry. These groups are then able to cross-link the polymer chains during the drying process and to therefore improve performance.

Reversible cross-linking
A polymer is combined with a metal complex that is capable of cross-linking within the polymer matrix during drying. The ionic bonds formed as a result are easily broken up by the use of a suitable counterion which reverses the cross-linking.

Wax Emulsions
SYNTRAN® waxes complement the properties of SYNTRAN® polymers, especially in terms of wearing properties. But they can do even more: hard or soft – combined with their special properties, they achieve a synergistic effect for optimised performance.

Our patented MEGATRAN® technology improves the stability of the emulsion polymer particle during the critical drying process, especially in the case of high humidity. This leads to increased gloss retention and durability.


From soft to hard, from glossy to matte, from high-resistant to easily removable – a protective film has to have a very high degree of performance. SYNTRAN® polymers and waxes take on this challenge and have a variety of outstanding properties, such as adhesion, improved appearance as well as resistance to chemicals and wear. A balanced combination of these features results in formulas with optimised protection, longevity and beauty. You need a film with a specific performance profile? We have the right solution!

Film Forming
Our SYNTRAN® polymers, for example, dry to form end-to-end films with different performance characteristics that meet the high demands of a wide range of applications. Individually or with selected additives, they show their properties during the complex film-forming process.

The highly effective dispersing effect of inorganic and critical organic particles (such as soot) is achieved with our SYNTRAN® dispersants. They allow viscosity control and stabilised suspensions.

Aesthetical Properties
SYNTRAN® polymers and waxes can be used to develop glossy, satin or even matt films. Due to its good protective properties and reduction of damage to the surface, the film is given the attractive appearance of the surface over a long period of time.

Chemical Resistance
SYNTRAN® polymer-based films are waterproof, resistant to cleaning agents and alcohol, but also to difficult substances such as disinfectants, coffee and wine. They are impressive due to their high level of protection both in the home as well as for industrial applications.

Mechanical Performance
The clever combination of SYNTRAN® polymers and waxes makes the resulting films extremely resistant to scratches, abrasion and dirt. They are also non-slip and have blocking and roughening abilities. The balance between these properties is the key to the longevity of the products.