Best levelling agent for dyeing all types of leather

Tailor-made: auxiliaries for glaze and decoration


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Chemistry is colourful

Cosmetic products that also gently nourish sensitive skin. Sports shoes in which your feet don't get wet, no matter how big the challenge. Detergents that not only wash but also clean. Tiles that are colourful, stable and easy to care for. With the help of modern chemistry, everyday life becomes more colourful, durable, safer and cleaner.

Whether to the cosmetics and care industry, clothing sector or construction industry, or for the manufacture of paints and varnishes, automotive and mechanical engineering, or consumer-goods production, Zschimmer & Schwarz supplies a wide variety of industries with tailor-made chemical auxiliaries and specialities. Always in the background but at the same time an innovative driving force for making products more effective, robust, versatile and efficient. Because chemistry makes it possible.


The economy is turning green. Sustainability, resource conservation and environmental protection are becoming increasingly important in German industry. After all, we must all jointly seek to preserve our planet for future generations. The chemical industry in particular is under special scrutiny and is increasingly being called upon to do its bit – and rightly so!


Our employees are our most valuable asset. Their dedication, imagination, reliability and loyalty are the source of our long-term success. Around 1,500 employees – more than 500 at our headquarters in Lahnstein – work for the Zschimmer & Schwarz Group worldwide in chemical, commercial, information technology and technical professions.


The chemical sector is constantly changing. New demands, new developments, new markets. Even in this dynamic environment, we consistently rely on our own values: with experience, prudence and scientific curiosity, we are creating a future for chemical progress. In doing so, we are offering our customers worldwide tailor-made solutions for their needs and markets. This is: chemistry tailor-made.