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Sizing Agents

During weaving, yarns are subject to prolonged mechanical processing. Our fibre sizing agent protects the yarn by forming a thin protective film. SYNTRAN® fibre sizing agents form a water-soluble film on the fibres; this makes it easy for the yarn to be separated for processing in the weaving machine and to better withstand mechanical impacts.

The SYNTRAN® fibre sizing agent is suitable for twisted and untwisted polyamide filament yarns and ensures a transparent, firm and tack-free film: the yarn is thereby smoothed, strengthened and softer.

Product nameDescriptionCharacteristicsApplication fieldData sheet
SYNTRAN® 8280SYNTRAN® 8280 has film forming properties. It forms a water-soluble film on the fibres. It will prepare yarns for use on the loom in such a way that they can be separated with ease and are resistant to mechanical influences.Aqueous solution based on a high molecular weight polyacrylic acidSizing of polyamide yarns