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Product Name Description Technical Information
SYNTRAN® AC 1072 Acrylic polymer SYNTRAN® AC 1072 is a modified-acrylic copolymer with improved flexibility, which is very suitable as a polymer for leather applications and glove coatings. More
SYNTRAN® AC 1110 Acrylic copolymer SYNTRAN® AC 1110 is a styrene-modified acrylic copolymer emulsion for rubber coatings. More
SYNTRAN® AC 5923 Self-crosslinking multiphase acrylic polymer SYNTRAN® AC 5923 is a surfactant-free, multiphase, self-crosslinking acrylic polymer with very fine particle size. It is clear in the can and provides excellent pigment wetting in pigmented coatings. Moreover, it shows excellent adhesion to metal, making it suitable for direct-to-metal (DTM) applications. White pigmented coatings (industrial and decorative) formulated with SYNTRAN® AC 5923 show excellent stain resistance (red wine, coffee, mustard) and very good alcohol resistance. SYNTRAN® AC 5923 forms very hard and scratch-resistant but also flexible films with high to medium gloss and good sandability. It is suitable for interior and exterior applications and also a good combination partner for PUDs without impairment of the clarity of the PUDs. More