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16.05.23 | Corporate

State Secretary Michael Kellner visits Zschimmer & Schwarz Mohsdorf

Together with other members of the German Bundestag and local politicians, the Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action is being informed on site about the economic and energy policy issues and challenges facing the chemical company.

Today, Michael Kellner, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN), as well as Marco Wanderwitz (CDU) and Bernhard Herrmann (BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN), both of whom are members of the German Bundestag as well, visited Zschimmer & Schwarz, a globally active supplier of chemical specialities and auxiliaries, in Mohsdorf/Burgstaedt. Further guests were Lars Naumann, Mayor of Burgstaedt, and Dr Alex Föller, Managing Director of the TEGEWA Association.

The visitors exchanged views with the management of the local subsidiary of the long-established family-owned company on economic and energy policy issues as well as the special challenges for the small and medium-sized chemical industry. “The compatibility of economic competitiveness and sustainable production is a central concern for Zschimmer & Schwarz. The high energy and raw material prices, the requirements of the European Green Deal, regulatory hurdles as well as the shortage of skilled workers pose enormous challenges for the industry and especially for German small and medium-sized companies. Family-owned companies like Zschimmer & Schwarz are particularly burdened by this, and their international competitiveness suffers as a result. We would like to see solutions from politicians to strengthen small and medium-sized enterprises”, says Dr Bernd Schlichting, Managing Director of the Mohsdorf site of Zschimmer & Schwarz. “The visit of the members of the German Bundestag, the regional politicians and the industry association emphasises the importance of small and medium-sized businesses, and in particular a family-owned chemical company, as the backbone of the German economy.”

Looking at the medium-sized industry around Chemnitz, Michael Kellner, Member of the German Bundestag and Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Action, explains: "It is important to us to keep the basic chemical industry here. With its qualified skilled workers, it is an important building block of our industrial landscape. Last year, we were able to counter concerns about gas shortages with action. Chemistry in this region not only needs a lot of green power, but also green molecules. My goal is to build a strong hydrogen economy in Eastern Germany."

Member of Parliament Marco Wanderwitz (CDU) adds, “The chemical industry is a strong pillar of Germany as an industrial location. Zschimmer & Schwarz is a company that greatly contributes to value creation and European resilience, also at the Mohsdorf site. As politicians, we are called upon to provide favourable conditions for this.”

“Zschimmer & Schwarz is one of the most important employers in our town, and its existence must not be threatened”, emphasises Lars Naumann, Mayor of Burgstaedt. “The company's position is very significant for the whole of Europe. In view of the current problems with German regulatory frenzy and inflationary cost increases, help from the federal government is necessary, and it was urgently requested at the joint meeting.”

Staatssekretär Michael Kellner zu Gast bei Zschimmer & Schwarz Mohsdorf

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