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11.07.18 | News

Classical cleansing meets current market developments

At this year‘s „in-cosmetics global“, the world’s leading fair for cosmetic ingredients, which took place in Amsterdam, Zschimmer & Schwarz presented its new syndet base ZETESAP 915 CS for the manufacturing of soap-free cleansing bars. 

The pH value of ZETESAP 915 CS can easily be adjusted to the skin’s natural acid mantle and is therefore suitable even for sensitive skin. Besides traditional use in hand and body cleansing as well as in exfoliating formulations, the product can be applied in various other areas, such as the manufacturing of make-up removers or shampoo bars, that is, solid cleansing bars for skin and hair.                                               

Moreover, ZETESAP 915 CS stands out through its eco-friendliness and sustainability. Based on renewable raw materials, it is biodegradable and virtually water-free, which avoids unnecessary water transport and consumption. If ZETESAP 915 CS is used in exfoliating formulations, abrasives made from synthetic materials – which, in the form of microplastics, put a strain on the environment – can be replaced by ecological alternatives such as strawberry seeds or ground peach stones. Furthermore, the use of ZETESAP-based cleansing bars allows for the reduction of plastic packaging: the latter can be substituted by paper cartons. Last but not least, ZETESAP 915 CS can also be certified to the COSMOS-standard for organic and natural cosmetics.

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