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20.06.19 | Donation projects

Bear's Travels

The “Bear’s Travels” project supports handicapped people in exploring the world as independent travellers.

Initiated by Enrico Allara, the “Bear’s Travels” project supports handicapped people in travelling independently. The aim of the project is to enable handicapped people as well as their family and friends to choose from a special selection of travel destinations, rehabilitation courses, sport programmes and seminars for finding internal balance (on request).

To make these travels possible, the donation will go towards the purchase of a split-level camping vehicle. This will allow handicapped people – in combination with routes to facilities specifically designed for them – to go on individualized journeys.

Donation amount: € 50,000
Submitted by: Enrico Allara
Company: Zschimmer & Schwarz Italiana S.p.A. | Italy