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With the acquisition of Gevartis AG, Zschimmer & Schwarz is a specialised technology provider for qualified licensees for the manufacture of products for transparent fire protection and security elements for application in shipbuilding and building construction.

With a combination of many years of experience and a comprehensive, patent-protected know-how, we support our licence and product partners from the beginning in several steps:

  • Overview of market data and feasibility studies
  • International standards and building regulations
  • Requirements for transparent components and frame profiles
  • Conducting fire tests and obtaining the resulting certification
  • Applications for curtain walling, doors, partitions and facades
  • Adjusting and optimising the product range
  • Layout of production facilities and production planning
  • Recommendations for machine equipment with machine partners
  • Developing and optimising local production costs
  • Implementation of production technology and staff training
  • Setup of marketing organisation and training of sales staff

With our technology, interested glass processors have the opportunity to produce their own fire protection glasses and construction components that meet European as well as international standards and building regulations.


Within the scope of worldwide licences, Zschimmer & Schwarz ensures that international production partners always have access to the latest findings in the field of nanotechnology and their implementation in quality products for transparent fire protection. This means:

  • Development of new dispersions for customised fire-protection glass applications
  • Securing technology through patents
  • Cooperation with specialised machine manufacturers to optimise product quality and investment
  • Implementation of production standards to meet the requirements, for example production controls according to CE or CCC certification
  • Assistance with the development of materials and building components including the testing of fire protection elements according to international test standards
  • Building networks with international certification bodies and access to the local certification offices for the individual licensees

As part of licensing, the partners receive intensive training in all areas as well as support over the term of the license. Zschimmer & Schwarz thus enables licensees to produce reliable high-tech products for securing buildings and ships in their transparent escape routes.


Our technology is used in fire protection and safety glass of all internationally prescribed standards such as EN, UL, ASTM or BS.

The resulting products are internationally classified in accordance with E/EW (with defined limitation of dangerous heat radiation and/or class EI (with temperature limitation on the side facing away from the fire).


Class EW glazing (left side view) with the function of limiting dangerous heat radiation based on Gevartis Interlayer vs. class E glazing (right side view).


Class EW glazing (left side view) with the function of limiting dangerous heat radiation based on Gevartis Interlayer vs. class EI glazing (right side view).

Sample Projects

Dubai Airport

School in Geneva, Switzerland

Lancashire Stadium, Great Britain

Administration building in Switzerland

Materials for protection against fire

Dubai Metro Car Park