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Our dual study programmes in Lahnstein (Germany)

Study and try it out – the dual study offers double the insights, combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience. The graduates at Zschimmer & Schwarz are ideally prepared in terms of practice and academics and have all the doors open to a successful career.


B.Sc. Business Informatics (Lahnstein)

On this course you will back up your data with words, because you will be the human interface between the computer world and the world of economics. In seven semesters at the university you will acquire the theoretical, economic and information technology skills to enable you to optimise the digitalisation of the business world using specialised software. Meanwhile, at our company you will be able to observe and learn how this knowledge can be put into practice. Whether it is IT or business studies, as a true team player you are as good with people as you are with numbers and machines.

Job facts:

  • Training location: Lahnstein
  • Duration of study: 3.5 years
  • Requirement: Very good general qualification for university entrance
  • Technical university: RheinMain University, Wiesbaden
  • Advanced training options: Master
B.Sc. Applied Computer Science (Lahnstein)

Are you programmed for structural thinking? Is there always a system to your logical approaches to solutions? And do you speak the language of IT as if it were your mother tongue? Between the lecture theatre and the company, you will spend seven semesters acquiring theoretical knowledge and learning about practical application – from mathematics to engineering; from software development and user services to quality management. As the world continues making strides towards digitalisation, you will always be one step ahead! 

Job facts:

  • Training location: Lahnstein
  • Duration of study: 3.5 years
  • Requirement: Very good general qualification for university entrance
  • Technical university: RheinMain University, Wiesbaden
  • Advanced training options: Master


Marcel Kittsteiner, dual study programme – B.Sc. Process Engineering

I got to know Zschimmer & Schwarz during a student internship, and immediately liked the way employees in the company treated each other fairly and respectfully. The dual study programme is now enabling me to simultaneously complete both my degree and an apprenticeship as a chemical technician. By switching between different areas, I also gain a comprehensive overview of the operational processes. I especially like the variety between theory and practice, and the great support given by the instructors.


Whether Job Fair or Career Information Days – at events in your region, you will learn first-hand about the training and study opportunities that we offer. Apprentices and trainers convey a great deal of overview, outlook and foresight regarding career opportunities and career perspectives in the professional world of Zschimmer & Schwarz.



A competent contact person is available to you at every training station! We also support you with internal and external exam preparation courses! The success is reflected in the fact that our trainees regularly rank among the best graduates in the field of the IHK Koblenz. It is not without reason that we regularly receive a certificate from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry as an excellent training company.

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