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Direct entry

Whether you are an experienced specialist or ambitious graduate: the opportunities for your direct entry into Zschimmer & Schwarz are just as varied as our company.

Apply now and become part of our team.

Experienced professionals

Have you established yourself in professional life, are an expert in your field and want to change your career? Whether you aspire to the next management task or want to develop in one of the various specialist functions, we support you in all areas through qualification measures, subsidies, coaching and on-the-job training. As part of the on-boarding process, we get you involved from the very first day.

Career starters

Have you just completed your apprenticeship or your studies and are looking for an exciting, challenging and secure professional future? Then get in touch with us. Well-qualified staff is the key to our success. Together, we will make sure that you start a successful career with your talent and motivation. We support you from day one with individual initial training and additional education. Take responsibility with us and continue to develop consistently. Start your future now.

Experience reports

Karl Christian Schmidt, Locksmithery, Lahnstein

What I would like to highlight is the great team spirit at the workplace. When we maintain, expand or modify the systems here, we can always rely on each other. Everything works smoothly. This also applies to our plant fire-brigade, of which I was a member for almost 30 years until I suffered a slipped disc. People like to help each other, be there for each other, and have good relationships with each other. This also makes it easy for new colleagues when they join the company.

Experience reports

Klaus Bonk, Area Sales Manager, Ceramic Auxiliaries Division, Lahnstein

The experience you gain with an international company shapes you. A few years after I joined the company, I was given the opportunity to manage the collaboration with our then new subsidiary Ceramco in Italy. In 1993, therefore, I went to Italy with my family for six years. You learn how to approach other cultures with an open mind and to deal with one another. In professional terms this enabled substantial synergy effects to be realised, and privately resulted in friendships for life. My time in Italy and my collaboration with other countries have greatly broadened my horizons.

Experience reports

Corinna Michel, Chemical Lab Assistant, R&D, Lahnstein

To reconcile work and family is an extreme challenge, especially for parents of young children. When an employer offers opportunities to staff members in this regard, the situation is definitely much easier. Through the maternity meeting of Zschimmer & Schwarz, for example, colleagues keep in touch with each other when on parental leave and are always up to date regarding the latest developments in the company. That makes it much easier to return to work, because the employee was never really gone. The company has been accommodating to me in terms of work hours, as well. Thanks to reduced weekly hours as well as flexibility regarding the start and end of my work day, neither my family nor my job misses out.

Experience reports

Christoph Nermerich, Master TFX, Lahnstein

I think it is very important for an employer to continually open doors in a person's career. One feels appreciated and enjoys going to work. In the 1980s, it was possible for me here to become an industrial master in the field of chemistry. This step was initiated and financially supported by the management. The continuous training of employees – including through annual travel for executives – as well as the diverse perspectives are aspects of our company that I appreciate. In order to make this possible, a company has to be open to change in order to keep up with the times. Even in my nine-person team, these developments are seen as being very positive.

Experience reports

Simone Bresching, Head of Financial Accounting & Treasury, Lahnstein

‘Rely on your own recruits’ is a very popular saying in sports. It definitely applies to professional life, as well. Here in the company, I was given the chance to put this idea into action. From training as an industrial clerk and continuing education as an accountant to the leading role in designing the SAP implementation in Italy, Spain, Germany and Switzerland, I was always extremely well supported by the management, my supervisors and my colleagues along the way. This backup from all sides gives people confirmation and motivation in their professional lives.

Personnel development

The most sustainable investment for companies is the investment in its employees. With our personnel development, we ensure that every talent at Zschimmer & Schwarz is guaranteed to be in his or her element. Regardless of position, function, age or origin, we want to make all of our employees fit for new tasks in a continuous development and learning process.

With self-confidence and dedication, the challenges of new markets and technologies can be mastered. In a continuous communication process with supervisors and staff, we optimise and expand our offerings and develop innovative individual measures, group training seminars and development programmes.

Competent, supported and satisfied employees are the foundation of our success.


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