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Zschimmer & Schwarz Group

Zschimmer & Schwarz is a family owned, medium sized chemical company with head quarter in Lahnstein, near Koblenz / Germany. Founded 1894 in Chemnitz / Germany, it is an international supplier of specialties and auxiliaries for different industries.

22 companies and participations in 15 countries and a large number of dealers and agents make up the worldwide, specialized sales and service network.

Our activities range from research to manufacturing of a broad variety of tailor made chemical auxiliaries and specialties for the Ceramic, Fibre, Leather and Fur, Textile, Cosmetic and Cleaning industry and Phosphonates supported by a powerful worldwide commercial and technical customer service.

Location: Mohsdorf

The ingenuity of scientists has ensured that chemistry is taking a major role in the social achievements of modern times. Chemicals have become an integral part of our lives. Specialised chemical products are beneficial in many respects. Most of us would not realise that the clothing we wear, the shampoo we use for our hair or, the dishwashing detergents and cleaning agents we use in our homes are made possible by high grade chemical auxiliaries.

Our business is to make these products available. Our main fields are the development and manufacture of auxiliaries for the textile industry and of phosphonates to be used in detergents, household cleaning agents, dishwashing detergents, cosmetics, industrial cleaners and textile auxiliaries.

In July 1993 the ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ Group of companies purchased the plant in Mohsdorf near Chemnitz in the state of Saxony from a trust company. The newly acquired plant provided possibilities for expansion, which had been limited in Lahnstein, the location of the parent company. It is interesting to note that ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ had been founded in Chemnitz in 1894 and remained there until expropriation in 1945 following World War II.

Mohsdorf is a traditional location of the chemical industry. The plant was originally owned by Böhme Fettchemie GmbH in Chemnitz who were also expropriated after 1945, when the plant became part of the state-owned VEB Fettchemie Chemnitz. Here at the Mohsdorf site, significant scientific findings were already being achieved in the thirties. An example is the development and manufacture of the world's first fully-synthetic, gentle detergent which was called "FEWA" after the technical solution for the hydrogenation of fatty acids into fatty alcohols had been discovered. Many modern textile auxiliaries were included in the product range, and established the reputation of the company. After the acquisition by ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ, the production line, laboratories and logistics were extended and modernized and the administrative structure was improved. A highly efficient chemical plant resulted, to focus on two product lines:

- Textile Auxiliaries

- Phosphonates.

Laboratories with latest equipment, a modern production line and logistics, and the certification of our company in compliance with ISO standards, all combine to the high quality of our products, which are delivered to our customers all over the world, and to guarantee a comprehensive service. We invite you to pay a visit and see for yourself.

...the latest technology

Chemical products have been manufactured in Mohsdorf for 60 years. Today, the latest production facilities, including computer assisted control systems for all operational processes and quality monitoring, result in highly efficient manufacture and precise compliance with product specifications. Newly developed products are adapted to large-scale production within a short time.

Quality assured...

Our raw materials and intermediary products are constantly checked before further processing, and finished products are released for sale only when they totally match required specifications.

In 1995 ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ MOHSDORF was certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001  for the first time and is since then renewing this certification continuously and regularly according to the required cycles and the latest standards. This is a major incentive for the management and all the staff of our company to maintain the highest quality standards in everything they do.

Our Commitment to Environmental Protection

Protection of the environment and safety of all our operations are fundamental concerns today, and will continue to be so in the future. Therefore, all our production installations and product stock holding arrangements are approved by appropriate authorities. The water storage tank for fire fighting, the waste air scrubber and a fastidious waste disposal are further illustrations of our care for the environment.

An automated printing system ensures precise labelling of all our goods. Accompanying documents, such as transport emergency cards and material safety data sheets are regularly being updated according to valid regulations and can be provided in more than 30 languages.

We are a team of professionals, ready to help ... whatever your needs.

Efficiency in product and technical development, production and customer service is a matter of team-work and cooperation. Many minds are required for solving individual problems. A medium-sized company like ours provides a good basis: big enough to provide you with the necessary know-how, but not too big to retain individuality. Besides being producers of chemicals, we want to be your partner. The variety of customers' requests and requirements is too great to be covered in a brochure. Nothing can take the place of direct contact, so that a full and comprehensive discussion can deliver the necessary information. Please contact us !

Mohsdorf and its surroundings

Our plant is located on the Chemnitz river in the romantic valley which gives the landscape its character. Around the year 1120, Rheno-Franconian people settled in the Chemnitz river valley. The first documented evidence of the place then known as Moßdorff goes back to 1333. Today, Mohsdorf forms part of the town of Burgstädt in the subdistrict of Mittelsachsen, which lies in the administrative district of the industrial and university town of Chemnitz in Saxony. Chemnitz and its attractive surroundings are well worth visiting with the land of Saxon castles and the Erzgebirge mountains all within a short distance. Burgstädt and Chemnitz are well served both by major roads and railways, providing easy access from all directions, whilst Dresden and Leipzig airports are only a short distance away.